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At the heart of all great entertainment is a great story. From compelling TV series and awe-inspiring blockbusters through to captivating commercials or ground-breaking digital experiences, they all rely on clear storytelling and strong ideas.

We are a collection of visual storytellers who use a complete range of techniques, from design to animation, live-action to VFX, live events to immersive media to bring new worlds to life and to find hidden possibilities in the world we all know. We are equally at home with new technologies and classic techniques, using all the tools of modern filmmaking and media to bring our imaginations to life. Everything we do, we do in service of the story.

Our work has earned accolades at film and advertising festivals around the world, earning top honors at Cannes, Annecy, the Academy Awards, the Emmys, D&AD, SXSW, and many others.

We are Elastic.

Andy Hall

Strike up a conversation with Andy about the art of animation and you won’t be able to get away. Andy has an unparalleled ability to find the visual style that best tells the story, employing a combination of live action and a wide variety of animation styles, from 3D to traditional animation to stop motion. His love for the craft and mastery of animation is evident in the work he’s done for Honda, RIOT Games, and BBDO’s American Red Cross Holiday campaign, for which he took top honors in the at the Annecy International Film Festival.

Angus Wall

With an extensive background in art history and photography, Angus Wall\u2019s eye for composition and art direction has contributed to his achievement in creating worlds and conveying stories through performance and imagery.

Through Elastic he has created Emmy award winning main titles sequences for Carnivàle and Game of Thrones as well as directing high profile campaigns for Nike, Chevy and the NBA. Also an esteemed editor, he won his second Academy Award in 2012 for editing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which followed his first win for editing The Social Network the year prior.

Clarissa Donlevy

Clarissa Donlevy designs and directs for film, television and brand. Her journey to Elastic spans the globe from Sydney to London, NY and LA. Having collaborated with Apple, HBO, RedBull TV and Unilever, Clarissa’s creative direction fuses strong conceptual thinking with various artistic mediums, motion design, VFX and live action. Her work has been recognized by the Emmy’s, Clio, Addy, Telly, and Promax BDA Awards, and portrays beautiful and emotive storytelling through a design lens.

Duncan Elms

Duncan is an award-winning motion designer and director, having created content for film, TV and online. While working across a broad range of design styles, he specializes in infographics and the visualization of increasingly big data in clear and engaging ways. Duncan has been shortlisted for the Information is Beautiful Awards for three consecutive years. His “Bitcoin Explained” video also struck a chord on Vimeo, where it has been played over 980k times.

Duncan started his career in Australia before moving to the U.S. His portfolio includes work from major clients including BMW, Google X, Samsung, Nike, Nissan and Greenpeace.

Hazel Baird

Hazel is an Emmy Award winning Design Director specializing in documentary graphic content, title sequences and mixed media. Hazel has a varied and strong visual style and began her career in London working for companies like Nickelodeon, Sony Computer Entertainment, Activision and Ubisoft before moving to Los Angeles. She has also won a Royal Television Society Award for design and has been featured in Stash Magazine, Art of the Title and 3D Total.


Headless is the collaboration of three talented artists: Adrian Garcia, Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres. Specializing in traditional animation, each of them comes to a production with a strength in storytelling that is realized through their craft. Their captivating combination of hand-drawn and 3D animation can be seen in the FEMA campaign and their debut film “Nocturna,” which was selected for many festivals including Venice, Toronto and Annecy.

Lisa Bolan

Lisa Bolan is a Creative Director and Motion Designer creating title sequences, visual effects and motion design for film and television. Lisa’s work is a painterly synthesis of live action, CG, illustration and typography as seen in her recent campaigns for Royal Caribbean and NFL, and her Title Sequence work for Altered Carbon on Netflix and The Alienist on TNT. Her work has been commended by the New York Times, Emmy’s, SXSW, Promax/BDA, and Art of The Title’s 10 Women of Title Design.

Noah Harris

Noah Harris is a Graphic Designer and Director based in London, England. His work combines multiple mediums including live action, animation and VFX and always leads with a strong design sensibility. Noah describes his personal work as maximalist hedonism, taking inspiration from the rave scene he grew up with in the UK. Some of his most notable and iconic work includes MVA recognized Music Videos for the Gorillaz as well as work for clients such as Google, E4 and Suzuki.

Patrick Murphy

Patrick’s understanding of the entire production process enables him to look at an idea and approach it with the most successful outcome in mind. His unique ability to combine live action and CG in a seamless way has created a body of work that uses visual effects to support the story he is telling rather than intrude upon it, as can be seen his spots for TaylorMade and Lexus.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a Director with a strong cinematic eye and a love for beautiful visuals. Paul comes from a Design and VFX background and has an ability to connect live-action with visual effects in clever and original ways. His work includes Design and VFX work for Ironman 2 and Battleship, as well as recently Directing commercials for Coke, Lexus, North Face and Dell. Paul has a strong eye for shooting sports too, having completed a full campaign for the NFL through NFL films, as well as basketball heavy spots for Gatorade. Paul has been recognized by The Emmys, BAFTA, PromaxBDA, and the New York TV & Film Festivals.




Here at Elastic we work on anything from TV + Film, Games and Commercials to Main Titles and even our own short films. Recent projects include Pacific Rim Uprising, RIOT Games, and Fantastic Beasts. Our animation team brings a sense of wonder and boundless imagination to every project, drawing upon the entire range of techniques from traditional animation to stop motion and 3D.

Main Titles

A captivating title sequence is an integral part of how the audience experiences a story. It’s an introduction to the world, the characters, and the themes of the show. It has to look great, set the tone, and be eminently re-watchable. It should be a treat week after week, a beautiful fusion of design and storytelling that welcomes the viewers and is always a pleasure to watch. We’ve created some of the most iconic title sequences in the industry, including the Emmy award-winning work for Game of Thrones and Westworld.

Broadcast Design

Great broadcast design walks a tightrope—you must stay true to the brand identity while pushing it forward, creating a look and feel that is simultaneously unique yet instantly recognizable as on-brand. Whether it’s designing a visual system for documentaries like Emmy Award winning Ava DuVernay’s 13th, or creating atmospheres that transcend the graphics package into visual elements of stage design and live performances at the VMA’s and The Oscars, we’re adept at working with clients to explode the boundaries of on-air graphics.

Immersive Entertainment

This is an incredible era for people who love to tell stories. Great stories are universal, but the way we tell them is evolving with technology, allowing us to expand our favorite worlds, characters, and narratives into realms far beyond the limits of linear storytelling. Our immersive entertainment team creates experiences that emotionally deliver to fans while broadening the engagements and reach of our clients’ properties with current and new audiences. #The Sight, a celebrated in-world experience for HBO’s Game of Thrones earned raves from GoT’s notoriously fickle fans and media outlets Huffington Post, Variety, Nerdist and Esquire alike.

Live Action Production

Elastic leads the charge as a multidisciplinary studio well versed in artful live-action. Our full service production team supports the director’s creative vision with production management, cinematography, production design and casting. The results blend compelling performances, stunning production values and striking visual design.

Game Trailers

Elastic has established a place at the forefront of multiplatform storytelling. Our directors have developed a distinctive arsenal of techniques to build worlds and launch franchises. We can distill vast and sprawling game worlds into concise and compelling trailers, supported by breathtaking visuals crafted long before the game itself is ready for audiences. Our trailers for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, Riot Game’s League of Legends and Tom Clancy’s The Division have reached massive audiences across the globe, helping to build some of the industries biggest franchises.

Editorial • Rock Paper Scissors

We are in the unique position to have within our family of studios, the talented editors at Rock Paper Scissors. Our collaborative relationship with RPS gives our studio the immeasurable value of being able to craft stories with the well-trained eyes of world class editors overseeing the editorial process.

VFX • A52

Visual Effects have become an integral part of our production process. The artists at a52 are part of our core post-production team at the studio. Whether it’s photo-real CG, seamless compositing, digital color correction or complex post pipelines, the artists and engineers at a52 work hand-in-hand to bring every project to life.

Original Content • MakeMake Entertainment

Built from the DNA of Elastic, Rock Paper Scissors and A52, MakeMake Entertainment specializes in the development and creation of original content across all genres and formats. Whether it be a feature film, television series, documentary or branded content project, MakeMake Entertainment utilizes all divisions and talent of the studio to provide a unique full-service development and production company. 2017 marked the second Oscar nomination in a row for MakeMake Entertainment with the Netflix documentary feature 13th. The previous year’s nominee was Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom. The Emmy nominated 30 for 30 film First Pitch was directed by Angus Wall, and is now a 9/11 perennial on ESPN.





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